Yin Yang Christmas Wreath

Yin Yang Christmas Wreath

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Get your home in the festive spirit by sprucing up your place with this beautiful Christmas Wreath! While most Christmas foliage have to be flown in from miles away, our Sustainable Christmas Wreath boasts regionally sourced foliage and flowers!

Yin Yang Christmas Wreath features a Christmas Wreath designed in two halves- a half filled with lush green tropical foliage while the other half filled with white wispy flowers.

Each wreath is decorated with a white or moss green ribbon.

Wreaths are available in 2 sizes - 20cm diameter or 30cm diameter. 

Wreath will weigh from 0.5kg - 1.5kg based on the size. Please ensure that your structure is strong enough to hang the wreath.


Our fresh foliage will last for about 2 weeks before turning into a shade of pastel green. Foliage should ideally be spritz with water every 3-4 days for the first 2 weeks before letting it dry naturally after.


Delivery for the wreath will be done between 20th- 22nd December. Please drop us an email if you’d like receive it on a specific date or timing.