Our Roots

About Echevaria.co

Echevaria.co is a Singapore-based botanical creative design studio founded in 2020 by Huiyin, who has a background in Architecture. Trained in McQueens Flower School in London, her knowledge in Floristry has been passed down by the best tutors in London with a wealth of experience in the luxury floral scene. 
Embracing lines and geometries in it’s most natural form, our team designs botanical bouquets and installations to showcase the best of nature’s beauty. With a background in Architecture, our Huiyin finds balance in bringing out the curation of form and zen in the midst of chaos and wildness in botanical elements. 
What began has a side hustle offering only succulent bouquets has now grown into a botanical design studio with a focus in Sustainable Floristry, specialising in events of all scale. From a 20 pax intimate wedding, to large scale sets ups like floral styling for the Paddock Club at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. 
The selection of plants for each installation is carefully curated with context, scale and senses in mind. Lines, shapes and textures are the fundamentals to our design thinking. Our goal is to produce designs that last beyond it’s existence and can be reused or repurposed by our clients.
We like to collaborate on creative projects and special occasions and look forward exploring ideas with you. 
Instagram: @echevaria.co
Email: hello@echevaria.co