Being sustainable is the only way forward at

At, we believe that being sustainable and eco-conscious is the only way forward. We will not promise to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 or promise to be climate positive by 2040, but we will promise to try our best. We know this will not happen overnight for a small business of our size, but we are committed to starting small.

We need to maximise our resources, minimise our waste and most importantly learn to embrace what we have around us. 

With every event we do, our team specially curates the botanical palette and mechanic suitable for the design. Every detail is carefully selected with sustainability and form in mind.

Our 3 guiding factors:

  1. Using Repottable Material
  2. Embracing Regional Floral & Fauna 
  3. Sustainable Floral Practice

Using Repottable Material’s Sustainable Practices

Everyone has received a bouquet of fresh-cut flower before and see it slowly wither away in less than a week’s time. 

Inspired by the idea of the Circular Economy- where existing materials and products can be used for a long time through methods of reusing, repairing, refurbishing or recycling. By using rooted plants or plant cuttings, these cuttings can be potted back into soil after being in a bouquet or an event centerpiece. This gives it the possibility of repurposing the plants to be potentially used in the next event or for guests at the event to bring home and pot them for their homes! 

How amazing!

Embracing Regional Flora & Fauna Sustainable Practices

Do you know roses from Kenya travel 18 hours to reach Singapore? Do you know Hydrangeas from Holland take up so much carbon footprint just to arrive in the flower markets in Singapore?

Understanding the context and the floral and fauna present in each location is essential. Be it embracing the Orchids and Frangipanis here in South East Asia or embracing the tulips and hydrangeas in The Netherlands. The botanical palette chosen for each project takes into consideration the location and context for the eventual event venue. This allows us to apply our skills to everywhere in the world.

In Singapore, regional flowers that we so commonly see here in the tropics are taken for granted so often that we turn a blind eye towards them. Yet, if we take a second look at them, we realise how much beauty they actually hold.

At, we choose our botanical palette with intention. We use flowers we find in the Asia region, in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint for your event or bouquet. By doing so, we embrace what we have around us and learn to appreciate the beauty of tropical flowers and at the same time enjoy floral decor in a sustainable way.

Sustainable Floral Mechanics Sustainable Practices

This primarily mean that as much as possible we have ruled out the use of the green blocks of floral foam commonly used in the event floristry. 

Instead, we opt to use foam-free, reusable mechanics such as- floral pins, chicken wire, and our favourite glass vases. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability has been a core value deep seated with us since Day One, back to Our Roots.