How To: Care For Your Repotted Bouquet’s Repottable Bouquet 

Now that you’ve repotted your Bouquet, you are officially a plant parent! 

How To Care For Your Houseplant?

Taking care of plants is actually very similar to taking care of yourself. See the signs, treat the signs! There are 3 main things to take care of: Light, Water & Air 


Depending on the plant you’ve received, different plants will have different needs for lighting conditions. From full-on, direct sunlight to partially shaded indirect light, experimenting and slowly finding out what your plant needs. 


If you’re a beginner with houseplants, don’t fret! After the initial first week of watering your plants every alternate day, slowly transition your watering cycles to once or twice a week! 

Your plant will feedback through the visuals of its leaves on whether it’s receiving enough water or not. 

Signs of Underwatering:
  • Drooping Leaves 
  • Brown Tips 
  • Wilting or Dried Leaves
  • Slow Growth
Signs of Overwatering:
  • Yellow Lower Leaves 
  • Rotted Roots 
  • Lumpy/ Turgid Inners Side of Leaves 
  • Algae on Soil 


Just like us humans, we need a constant flow of fresh air to continue breathing. Plants need to be placed in a well-ventilated space to allow them to photosynthesise and respire! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repot 

With that, you have your brand new companion at home born from your bouquet! 


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