Your Questions

Succulent Bouquets

How should I place my order for a Succulent Bouquet?

You may take a look at the full range of options for our Bouquets and make your order through the website. 

How much in advance should I order my bouquet?

Due to the COVID-19 situation currently, the selection of succulents in Singapore has been very limited. Please state your interest in ordering a Succulent Bouquet about a two weeks before. 

How long can the succulents last in the bouquet?

The succulents are able to stay in the bouquet for up to 3 weeks before they require repotting.

Simply place the bouquets in a dry vase/ vessel in an upright fashion. Please do not place your bouquet in a vase of water, as they do not have stems that need water. 

Will you teach me how to repot my bouquet?

Yes of course! Instructions on how to repot the bouquet can be found in the 'Repotting' Highlights on our Instagram page. We are still working out a way to integrate this set of instructions on this website.

How should I care for my succulents and plants after repotting them?

We have included a set of care tips together with your items. Feel free to drop us a message on Instagram for any further questions, we’re happy to help!