Botanical Wedding at CHIJMES Hall

Botanical Wedding at CHIJMES Hall for B&M 

Location: CHIJMES Hall, Singapore 

Event: Wedding Lunch Reception 


Brief: Personal Flowers & Stage Decor


Imagine the ethereal wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians. The botanical-themed floral display where Palm Leaves, Orchids and Maidenhair Ferns lined the walls and the aisle, creating a meandering path through where the bride moves during the ceremony. 

For couples, it is a dream come true to host your wedding at this charming and iconic chapel, CHIJMES. And for the Echevaria team, we were delighted to style the floral arrangement for this intimate event and it remains a dream to be able to style this venue and turn it into a botanical-themed wedding.


B&M at CHIJMES Wedding by
B&M at CHIJMES Wedding by
B&M at CHIJMES Wedding by


Design Inspiration

Inspired by the textures and accents of the Singapore Botanical Garden's landscape where the couple had their solemnisation ceremony, we conceptualised a botanical-themed wedding with a stunning floral display of Orchids and a tropical array of greens. The floral decorations at centre stage displayed a variety of Orchids and plants which lay along the stage steps to create an earthy and verdant indoor-outdoor theme. 

Botanical Palette

Matching the palette of neutral, white and green, the stage flower arrangement harmonises with the charming white-walled chapel, symbolising the union between the bride and the groom.

The floral centrepiece was complemented with Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dancing-ladies (Oncidium), Mokara and Dendrobium Orchids. We also chose white Phalaenopsis Orchids as they exude elegance and splendour, further accentuating the backdrop of spectacular greens.

Our choice of Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium Orchids - some of the more exquisite Orchids, reflect the grandeur and highlight the luxury of a dreamlike wedding befitting the event!

B&M at CHIJMES Wedding by
B&M at CHIJMES Wedding by
B&M at CHIJMES Wedding by
B&M at CHIJMES Wedding by


Style & Design 

The foundation of the floral arrangement is all about the greenery enveloping the focal flowers. The stage floral display showcased plant foliage of larger leaves such as Ferns, Philodendrons, Murraya Leaves and Mahonia creating a full silhouette and adding texture to the installation. Likewise, the Murraya branches added volume and height to the floral arrangements.

Piecing the floral installations together, we created a spectacular display of Orchids and greenery amounting to a miniature botanical garden within the arches of the ancient chapel where the bride and groom will take their vows.

The Orchids and tropical plants used for this event were regionally sourced from neighbouring countries, staying true to our promise and efforts to be eco-conscious by reducing carbon footprints as much as we can.

We enjoyed every moment curating the botanical and floral palettes for this joyous event. It was a pleasure to have embarked on this journey with the bride and the groom and have our dream come true of styling the floral landscape just like in the award-winning movie, Crazy Rich Asians!