OUR FIRST: Succulent Bouquet

As a lover of all thing florals, colourful and happy, I loved the idea of fresh floral bouquets since young. These romantic little things, presented to you by the love of your life, often imagined to be this tall, sexy yet cute male with those smiley eyes.

I was never blessed with the opportunity to receive a fresh floral bouquet until late 2019, not because I didn’t meet my “tall, sexy yet cute” other half before that, but because he was the practical sort and stood by his belief that flowers don’t live more than two weeks long. Lo and behold, in the Autumn of 2019, he surprised me with the biggest fresh flower bouquet ever for my graduation, filled with all my favourite flowers - sunflower, hydrangeas, a couple of roses and sprinkled with bunches of chamomile! 


My First Fresh Floral Bouquet
(Please pardon the poor photography standards, all photography skills were learnt on the job hahaaa)

Fast forward to 2020, after 3 months of solo traveling in parts of Europe, I came home feeling rejuvenated and inspired by the vibrant cultures I’d experienced. Creative juices were flowing and I embarked on multiple creative projects - from embroidery, clay sculpting to bouquet making. After rounds of personal iteration and “user-review” (by that I meant loads of feedback and advice from my ever-supporting friends).

From that, Echevaria.co was born. 

Our First Bouquet

Our First Bouquet

My first bouquet is still probably the one I enjoyed making the most. The excitement from prepping the succulents, to putting them together and presenting it as a bouquet was so adrenaline filled. My mind was just screaming, “WOW OMG WOW YAS” throughout that journey. 

From there on, we the first publicity photoshoot was done completely in-house, with family members as photographers, etc. The entire process was daunting yet so rewarding. 

 Our First Bouquet 02

Our First Product Shoot in Singapore

Our First Bouquet 03

Classic Succulent Bouquet in Small

Our First Bouquet 04

Our First Bouquet

And from there, the rest is history. Echevaria.co is one of the few designers in Singapore in the sustainable floristry scene and we pledge to continue being at the forefront of sustainable floristry and to minimise unnecessary floral waste. 

Our goal is to grow into a multi-disciplinary design studio, involved and inspired by botanical elements. 

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