INTRODUCING: Evergreen Bouquet with Succulents

Evergreen Bouquet with Succulents

Starting out as a small business means I get to enjoy the perks of innovating and making iterations to the product list as we slowly grow. 

An assumption when we started was that our bouquets had to be a complete replication of floral bouquets that were mostly colourful and vibrant. As time passed, we realised that there was interest in Succulent Bouquets that were in their common green shades. That, in a way, was in turn a win-win situation for us as our common green succulents are mainly imported from regional countries and did not need to cover that high of a carbon footprint to arrive to our studio as compared to the coloured succulents, which often come from countries much further away.

Evergreen Bouquets 

Our Evergreen Succulent Bouquet is currently one of our Signatures in our product list as it encompasses the true meaning of a sustainable bouquet in Singapore. 

Succulents brought in from our regional country means that it is transported over via road freight which uses less energy and creates less pollution. Since these succulents were grown in a tropical country, the chances of them being nurtured back to it’s hundred percent is higher. 

 We absolute love the uniqueness and the aspect of sustainability this brings to the floral industry, get our Evergreen Bouquets here.

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