About Us

Hello! I am Huiyin, the founder of Echevaria.co.

Since young, I was always a lover of flowers. The idea of bouquets of flowers was always romanticised in dramas and in the words of the older generations. When I finally received the first bouquet of my life, I was overwhelmed with joy and I loved the feeling of being treated so specially on my graduation day. However, as days passed, petals started withering and eventually my fresh flower bouquet died in a week. I was devastated and really wanted to come up with an alternative that could withstand time and serve as something more than just a bouquet. While browsing through Pinterest one day, I chanced upon some succulent bridal bouquets and I thought that it was one of the more unique bouquets I've ever seen!

Learning about succulents was truly a journey. From learning and understanding their environmental needs to trying my hands on transforming my bouquets into pots of succulents, I have learnt the amount of care (or actually lack of, since giving them too much water and care kills them instead) they need.

Echevaria.co is really just a little baby of mine, hoping that this will grow into something bigger, so stick around to find out!