THE CHUAN Whisky Tasting by Pernod Ricard

Flower Arrangement for the launch of THE CHUAN- Single Malt Whisky

Location: PATH Restaurant

Event: The Chuan PR Event by Pernod Ricard

Organised By: LuminArt by VMSD Pte Ltd

Brief: Two Long Table Runners

“Pernod Ricard aims to establish 叠川 THE CHUAN Malt Whisky Distillery as a cultural icon for Sichuan and China that brings unparalleled sophistication and conviviality.”

- Press Release of The Chuan Malt Distillery in Emeishan


For the recent launch of THE CHUAN, a single malt whisky, an intimate tasting session was held at PATH restaurant in the Marina Bay Financial Centre. We were privileged to be part of this exclusive, by-invite-only event to style and tantalise the senses of our well-heeled whisky lovers with our botanical flower spectacle.

Elegant, classy, and sophisticated like THE CHUAN, the latest offering from one of the world’s finest whisky producer, guests were treated to dinner enveloped in an intricate tapestry of contrasting yet complementary hues of copper, white and blue floral designs, embodying the ‘rich and layered’ history of the distillery. 

The Chuan Launch by Pernod Ricard (
The Chuan Launch by Pernod Ricard (
The Chuan Launch by Pernod Ricard (

Design Inspiration

Inspired by the whisky brand’s unique craft pillars - ‘5 Dichotomies’ of East meets West collaboration, we created a custom flower arrangement consisting of interesting flowers, which represented these 5 pillars. Just like whisky-making is an art in itself, we wanted to create a harmonious landscape to replicate the synergy of nature with the craftsmanship of the whisky production process, for one cannot happen without the other. Copper was central to the theme as it represented the distinctive look of the distillery, and the unique taste of the final masterpiece - THE CHUAN.

With copper as the colour highlight of the theme, we specially curated a selection of flowers and accompanying vessels that best represented the look and feel of the distillery, and the other factors that play a part in producing world-class whisky. Some of these flower types include Orchid, Anthurium, and Dried Barley to signify vibrancy, sophistication, strength yet softness, neutral, and balanced.

The centrepiece of the floral arrangement, made up of Anthurium and Mokara Orchids, were chosen for its bold and striking colours to draw everyone’s attention as they enter the room. Just like THE CHUAN, it was to be memorable, even if you forgot everything else that night.

The Chuan Launch by Pernod Ricard (
The Chuan Launch by Pernod Ricard (

Vessel Choice

The vessels chosen to house the main floral display were befitting and specifically curated, especially the copper coloured ones that looked like it was taken from a pipe organ. The flower decoration was also deliberately designed to be of various heights to showcase the beauty and different features of the flowers, so all had the opportunity to ‘bask in their glory’. No detail was too small to be spared!

The primary colours of mountain blue and misty white, represented by the flowers Hydrangea, Chrysanthemum, and Oncidium Orchids were used to illustrate Mount Emeishan (in Sichuan) surrounded by the pristine and gentle river and mist that flows through the distillery, a big reason behind the unique taste of the whisky. 

The Chuan Launch by Pernod Ricard (
The Chuan Launch by Pernod Ricard (
The Chuan Launch by Pernod Ricard (
The Chuan Launch by Pernod Ricard (

Botanical Palette

A proportion of the botanical material used for the event were sourced from neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Taiwan, which is part of our guiding principle to embrace local flora and fauna to reduce our carbon footprint, thereby encouraging sustainability in our way of doing business

We had a blast planning this elaborate tablescape to match the personality of THE CHUAN - Single Malt Whisky and grateful for the opportunity given by our partners over at LuminArt. It was good to stretch ourselves and discover what we could achieve, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

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