Phalaenopsis Orchids for Cloth.ier

Phalaenopsis Bouquet for Cloth.ier Bridal Collection

Location: National Gallery Singapore
Event: Editorial Photoshoot
Photography by: Michelle Shona & 
Outfits by: Cloth.ier 
Brief: Wedding Bouquet
Bridal Collection for Cloth.ier by
Bridal Collection for Cloth.ier by
Bridal Collection for Cloth.ier by
Bridal Collection for Cloth.ier by
Bridal Collection for Cloth.ier by
Bridal Collection for Cloth.ier by
Bridal Collection for Cloth.ier by
Bridal Collection for Cloth.ier by
Bridal Collection for Cloth.ier by


I’ve been a huge fan of Cloth.ier’s qipao collections for a long time now, they exude a sense of elegance with a modern twist for the contemporary city dweller. On my first glimpse of the latest bridal collection, I immediately fell in love with the choice of material of their dresses! The use of tweed was a refreshing combination of modern materials with traditional form. Produced in a contemporary palette that immediately attracted me, I imagined myself in every piece in the collection. 

That said, when Cloth.ier approached us to do botanical styling for their photoshoot for the Bridal Collection, I couldn’t say no!

Botanical Palette

The Bridal Bouquet uses pure white Phalaenopsis Orchids to reflect the elegance and delicacy of the pieces in the Bridal Collection. Using Phalaenopsis Orchids creates the cascading effect on the bouquets, accentuating the ¾ length qipao. The clean white form of the Phalaenopsis Orchids contrasts the luxurious tweed texture, bringing out the details of the qipao yet keeping the attention on the dresses. In addition, the white Phalaenopsis Orchid perfectly complemented the monochromatic colour palette of the bridal collection.

The choice of the Phalaenopsis Orchid paired with dried Amaranthus created depth in the bouquet, giving it a dimensional aspect and creating interest. 

Design & Style

To match the general style of modern Qipao designed by Cloth.ier, the bouquet is designed with modern, structural, and clean lines with an Oriental touch. Lines, shapes, and textures are the fundamentals of our design thinking.

About Cloth.ier

Cloth.ier is a Singapore local brand that started back in January 2004. It has since been operating Cloth.ier outlets and counters in various department stores.

Cloth.ier makes oriental themes ready-to-wear relevant to the lifestyle of modern ladies. 

A stylish fusion between enduring classic and modern chic, Cloth.ier’s collection takes their inspiration from the art of Chinese clothing and the charm of Western sartorial flair. Cloth.ier is designed for modern women who appreciate Chinese art and culture of dressing, at the same time desire versatility and individuality. Its oriental-inspired design is made with relevance to the modern ladies’ lifestyle, yet keeping its classic oriental essence.


“Huiyin helped us with floral styling on an editorial shoot for wedding qipaos. She designed bouquets that perfectly matched the clothes based on the colors, concept and location of the photoshoot shoot, and provided 2 bouquets that could be held together and separately to provide more variety for our pictures. Not only was Huiyin easy to communicate with to discuss ideas pre-shoot, Huiyin was present throughout the shoot to assist with floral styling, and her bouquets held up well throughout the duration of the shoot. Overall it was a great experience working with Echavaria, we were very pleased with the impeccable service and the gorgeous bouquets.”

- Fangyi, Cloth.ier

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