How To: Maintain Your Bouquet

Echevaria’s Repottable Bouquet

Receiving a bouquet is always an exciting feeling, what more a bouquet that has a hidden second life! 

How To Maintain Your Repottable Bouquet? 

Maintaining your Repottable Bouquet is simple! Our bouquets can last for 5-8 days. 

Things to take note

  1. As the bouquets are already placed in a glass jar, you may remove the wrappers to allow for better ventilation for the flowers and foliage. 
  2. Top up water when you see the water level dropping
  3. The water in the glass jar may turn murky with time, but that is normal. 

Once the bouquet has had it’s run of course, it’s time to Repot your Bouquet

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repot