Repotting your Bouquet

Echevaria’s Repottable Bouquet

Receiving a bouquet is always an exciting feeling, what more a bouquet that has a hidden second life! With sustainability in mind, our Repottable Bouquets are made such that the foliage used in the bouquet can be repotted into soil once the bouquet has it’s run. You may identify these repottable elements by the roots that are attached to them or small bumps which may potentially grow into roots.

Let us guide you through the maintenance of your bouquet?

Step 1: Maintaining your Repottable Bouquet 
Step 2: Repotting your Bouquet 
Step 3: Be a new Plant Parent!

How To Maintain Your Repottable Bouquet? 

Maintaining your Repottable Bouquet is simple! Our bouquets can last for 5-8 days. 

Things to take note

  1. As the bouquets are already placed in a glass jar, you may remove the wrappers to allow for better ventilation for the flowers and foliage. 
  2. Top up water when you see the water level dropping
  3. The water in the glass jar may turn murky with time, but that is normal. Repottable Bouquet

How To Repot Your Bouquet? 

1. Remove all the botanical material from the glass jar & take apart the fresh cut flowers and the repottable foliage. 

2. Rinse the roots of the repottable foliage under clean water to remove any bacteria or algae which may have grown over the week. 

3. Pat dry the roots gently. 

4. Prepare a pot for each type of foliage with planting soil. Do make sure that the pot has a drainage hole as we do not want the soil to to be water logged! This may cause the roots to be soaked in too much moisture and cause root rot. 

5. Simply create a hole in the soil deep enough for all the roots to be covered & fill up the hole with the rest of the soil. 

6. Water your new houseplant every alternate day for a week, to make sure that it comfortably transits from a water base to a soil base.

7. There you have it! Your brand new houseplant born from your Repottable Bouquet

Now that you’ve repotted your Bouquet, you are officially a plant parent! 

How To Care For Your Houseplant?

Taking care of plants is actually very similar to taking care of yourself. See the signs, treat the signs! There are 3 main things to take care of: Light, Water & Air 


Depending on the plant you’ve received, different plants will have different needs for lighting conditions. From full-on, direct sunlight to partially shaded indirect light, experimenting and slowly finding out what your plant needs. 


If you’re a beginner with houseplants, don’t fret! After the initial first week of watering your plants every alternate day, slowly transition your watering cycles to once or twice a week! 

Your plant will feedback through the visuals of its leaves on whether it’s receiving enough water or not. 

Signs of Underwatering:
  • Drooping Leaves 
  • Brown Tips 
  • Wilting or Dried Leaves
  • Slow Growth
Signs of Overwatering:
  • Yellow Lower Leaves 
  • Rotted Roots 
  • Lumpy/ Turgid Inners Side of Leaves 
  • Algae on Soil 


Just like us humans, we need a constant flow of fresh air to continue breathing. Plants need to be placed in a well-ventilated space to allow them to photosynthesise and respire!