OUR FIRST: Sustainable Wedding Table Decor

Wedding Reception of at Hilton Hotel Singapore. 

In line with our sustainability ethos, the theme of the reception table was to create an interactive and fun botanical installation whose elements could keep giving. We came up with the idea of doubling up the leaf cuttings used to decorate the table as a secondary door gift to the guests at the wedding. 

This way, not only do the leaf cuttings get a second life after the event, the guests also get a chance to be new plant parents.

Our First Wedding Decor 01
Our Sustainable Take on a Wedding Reception Table 
Our First Wedding Decor 02
Our client couple requested for a ‘Chemistry-themed’ wedding, resulting in us making use of a myriad of chemistry equipment, which turned out well with the plants


Our First Wedding Decor
A mixture of real and faux plants
Our First Wedding Decor
Little labels attached to each leaf cutting with names of the plant they were bringing home and repotting instructions
Our First Wedding Decor
Wedding guests could pick and choose the leaf cutting that they preferred
Our First Wedding Decor
Our First Wedding Decor
Our First Wedding Decor
We are grateful to our client couple of allowing us to execute this amazing design. 
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