STYLING: Flowers for Home Decor

Flowers for Home Decor

Inspired by using daily home essentials (yes, wine is an essential) as flower vessels, I took apart an arranged floral bouquet from one of the flower classes at McQueen’s last week and created these series of floral vignettes for the home.

Vignettes are small curated moments, often made up of groupings of display objects or ornaments displayed on shelves, a table or a small corner of a space.

In this vignette, the space chosen was an obscure empty corner on a ledge in the guest bathroom. The colour palette chosen was a very simple mix of purples and greens, accented with gorgeous, round Alliums. The vessels used were a used wine bottle striped of its labels and the core of a roll of unused toilet paper.

The emerald sea green in the wine bottle was a great choice as it created a seamless amongst the colours of the foliage and brought out the purples in the arrangement.

Absolutely in love with the dusty green shades on these Eucalyptus

The two balls of Alliums really popped through the wild character of the seeded Eucalyptus.

Flower Vignettes are a perfect addition to any empty corners or shelves in your home. Just a simple splash of colour will brighten up your mood. Come join us in our next Floral Arranging Workshop to learn more about Flowers for Home Decor. 

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